Fisherman’s San Francisco New Mexico Style Green Chili Stew

photophoto 3 Fisherman’s passion for porchetta is matched by his love of New Mexico Hatch Green Chili. While on a road trip through New Mexico in the early 90’s, Fisherman witnessed road side roasting of this seasonal fruit which only grows in New Mexico and southern Colorado, and which is mostly consumed in those areas. Anecdotally, every family in New Mexico has an extra 50 gal freezer in their garage just for the 100 lbs of Roasted Green Chile they buy during the brief fall harvest season to last them through the year.IMG_1912

Ever since, Fisherman has been on the lookout for real green chile. When he was living in nyc, he spent $10/lb to have it shipped out pre-roasted in a cold box; or $20/lb at a short lived boutique Mexican themed bodega on 8th Ave. It didn’t matter, he had to have it.

Imagine last Thursday, in Safeway at Fillmore, Hatch chilies for $.99/lb!

Immediately purchased 10lb, went back for another

10 today…they are getting roasted and frozen to last the year!photo 2photo 4